Congratulations to our first 75s

Serea, Jaqqule, and Thordred beat us all to the punch and have already breezed through to the new level cap of 75. Remember if you have any announcements or whatever that you’d like put on the website just let me know and I’ll get it put up.

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THE HOBBIT Movie Image Nori, Ori, and Dori

THE HOBBIT Movie Image Nori, Ori, and Dori.

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Monday Help Night – Getting Assistance

I am stuck on a quest, when and where can I get help?

First off you can ask in kinchat if someone has a chance to help you with it or knows how to complete it (if it is just a question of know how). If no one is available, then you can either wait until our new Monday Help Night, or try asking in /lff, /regional, or /glff (which you have to join by typing /joinchannel glff).

What is Monday Help Night?

This is something new we are implementing to help players in need of guidance or assistance. On Monday evenings we are going to devote our energy to helping players with quests and instances they are stuck on, or just doing questing/deeding with them. We are going to be specifically setting Monday Nights as help night for all who are willing to participate. Need to do carn dum, urugarth, annuminas, great barrows, garth agarwen? This will be the night we are designating to help with these tasks.

If you are an experienced player that wants to help just be on and available, and if you are a newer player that needs help try to show up on monday since we’ll all be primed and ready to help if need be hopefully.

I hope that all of our advancing and veteran members will make full use of this feature and embrace it since it could really be beneficial in building kin relationships and community.

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Upcoming Changes for Update 3 (End of May Update)

Bullroarer Release Notes – Update 3 – 4-25-11 (1).

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Lore-master Flanking

If you are a lore-master and curious about exactly how flanking works etc. Here is an article for you explaining which pet to use, how to utilize it and what not.


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Hoblites on Lotro

In case you were curious about our tracking page on the lotro site itself. Here it is!

Enjoy checking out current member accomplishments!


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Welcome Hoblites!

Welcome to all our new members! Make sure that if you need anything or have any questions you voice them, and we’ll do our best to accommodate! We have been adding quite a few players since the update, and hope to continue growing. Please help us keep a nice image of helpful, patient, good, and cooperative players while on your journeys through Middle Earth.

Hope to see you in-game soon!

Fennegar, Chief

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Producer’s Letter April – 2011 | LoTRO

Producer’s Letter April – 2011 | The Lord of the Rings Online.

“We’re also working on Update 3, currently scheduled for late May, with 2 new mid-level instances and 2 new Skirmishes, all of which support scaling to level 65. We’ll also be introducing a new item to the LOTRO store that allows characters to reset the Skirmish Marks spent on Skirmish Traits. After that, we’ll be introducing a new festival-like event where players will get a chance to spend a few days frantically searching for buried treasure. It’ll have some cool in-game rewards, and will likely be open for play periodically over the year.”

This sounds fun and interesting. Check it out. 😀

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Lore-master Info on Gear

Lore-master info:

For all you aspiring lore-masters out there, Roknar (Telgrin) has suggested this page from the forums on gear for your LM. This is non-armour gear, and the rankings are this guy’s opinion, but could help you decide if there is a specific item out there you might want to use.

Check out the original thread, and then check out the list of items.

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LOTRO LI Point Spender App

Try this out. It is pretty handy for figuring out your legendary items, and getting them how you want them.

Click here.

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