Who are The Hobbiton Hoblites?

We are a rank 10 kinship of casual & mature players. We accept characters of all classes and races. The majority of our main members are older players and/or parents, so we understand and cater to the needs of people with children. We are always accepting new members and aim to help players develop their characters to their max potential. If you’re looking for a smaller kinship where you can get to know all the main members and become part of the main group of adventurers we could be the place for you! How to Join.

The Story

Sit down my friends and I will spin you a very short yarn about how the Hobbiton Hoblites came to be…

While enjoying a stout drink at the inn in Hobbiton, Fennegar The Daring was encouraged by his two hairy-footed companions (Myhlo & Hrothgo) that the shire-folk were a very hearty breed of warriors; many of whom were taken for granted and dismissed as being too runty to aide in the fight against the dark forces of Mordor! He grabbed his shield and started rallying shire-friends.

Upon the urging of his fellows, The stout hobbit Fennegar began gathering allies and putting together the foundation of the mightiest shield-wall the shire had ever seen: The Hobbiton Hoblites. A merry band of fierce minstrels, resolute wardens, and all other mixes of free peoples came together to battle the forces of mordor while furthering the cause of the hairy-footed and short of stature.

Since those early days in the Shire the Hoblites have been seen throughout the far reaches of Middle-Earth. From the deeps of Moria to the darks of Mirkwood and beyond. No where shall the Fell be hidden from the mighty Piercing Cries of the mighty, merry band of brethren!

So here is the OOC Story behind the Hoblites.

My brother, Myhlo, and our former officer, Lyvar, and I were all talking about how awesome Hobbit Wardens are. Out of nowhere they coined the term Hoblite (a play off of the Greek Historical Soldier: the hoplite). A hoplite was a citizen-soldier of the Ancient Greek City-states. Hoplites were primarily armed as spear-men and fought in a phalanx formation. The word hoplite derives from hoplon, the type of the shield used by the troopers, although, as a word, “hopla” could also denote weapons held or even full armament. In later texts, the term hoplite is used to denote any armored infantry, regardless of armament or ethnicity.


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