This will be a place to list frequently asked questions. Such as…

I am stuck on a quest, when and where can I get help?

First off you can ask in kinchat if someone has a chance to help you with it or knows how to complete it (if it is just a question of know how). If no one is available, then you can either wait until our new Monday Help Night, or try asking in /lff, /regional, or /glff (which you have to join by typing /joinchannel glff).

What is Monday Help Night?

This is something new we are implementing to help players in need of guidance or assistance. On Monday evenings we are going to devote our energy to helping players with quests and instances they are stuck on, or just doing questing/deeding with them. We are going to be specifically setting Monday Nights as help night for all who are willing to participate. Need to do carn dum, urugarth, annuminas, great barrows, garth agarwen? This will be the night we are designating to help with these tasks.

If you are an experienced player that wants to help just be on and available, and if you are a newer player that needs help try to show up on monday since we’ll all be primed and ready to help if need be hopefully.

Where can I find out which deeds give which virtues? 1Here. 2Here. or 3Here.

What are some of the good virtues for my class?

Melee Class: Innocence, Determination, Discipline, Zeal, Loyalty, Valour, Justice, Empathy (not necessarily in that order)

Minstrel/Lore Master/Rune Keeper: Idealism, Honesty, Empathy, Wisdom, Valour, Loyalty, etc.

Hunters: Determination, Idealism, Tolerance, Honesty, Valour, Empathy, Innocence, Discipline, etc.

What is the best way to level quickly?

Stay caught up on the epic quest line, and do the quests in and around where they are as you go. Don’t try the orange and red quests as much, because you get an xp penalty for being below level sometimes. Go with blue and light blue quests because they are the fastest you can do and will still give decent xp. Don’t bother with green or gray quests unless you need them for a deed such as the 75 shire quests for 2 ranks of Innocence.

More to come!


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