Join Now (Recruitment: OPEN)

The Hobbiton Hoblites are a rank 10 kinship of casual & mature players. We accept characters of all classes and races (but do show a special affinity for our hobbit brethren). We prefer to have mostly players with lore-ish or fantasy type names since it makes the experience more enjoyable for all of our players. We have a teamspeak server that we use for voice-chat while grouping, and do a fair amount of group content most nights. The majority of our main members are older players and/or parents, so we understand and cater to the needs of people with children. We are always accepting new members and aim to help players develop their characters to their max potential. If you’re looking for a smaller kinship where you can get to know all the main members and become part of the main group of adventurers we could be the place for you!

So you have inspected our page and are interested in joining the Hobbiton Hoblites… (FYI: We do not discriminate based on level, gaming experience, character race, or any reason not stated on our Rules page).  Here is what you need to do to apply to The Hobbiton Hoblites:

1. Make sure you can follow the rules stated on the Rules Page of our site.

2. Send Fennegar (Chief) a short message in game or in an email stating:  any questions you might have, listing any special needs you might have, and characters and classes that you are interested in joining to the kin.

3. Wait for a reply mail and any questions from officers of the kinship.

THANK YOU for your interest in the Hoblites!



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