Iron Hills Militia

As many of our members know, my real life brother is Bennji (Lord of the Iron Hills Militia kinship). He created this kinship for the sole purpose of making a Dwarves Only kinship. As most of you know Bennji’s non-dwarf alts are all in HH and he is one of my top officers. I want to let everyone know that if you have a dwarf that you’d be interested in putting in the IHM feel free to do so. We support any member who likes the role playing aspect of the game and if you think it would be fun to help build a kin of only dwarves we commend you. Moving a dwarf over to IHM will not affect your membership or officership status in HH (unless you only have 1 character in the kin and it was the dwarf…).

You might ask: Well how will I talk to my non-dwarf friends who are still in HH, or talk to the HH members that move over to IHM without having to put them on my friends list?

Much like the old Montival chat channel we are creating a new one: hh+ihm

To join the chat channel designated to create a common channel between our two kinships follow the steps below:

1. If you have joined chat channels previously, make sure you have at least one of the 4 userchat channels available. (if you were in the montival channel you can leave it by typing: /leavechannel montival ).

2. Type:   /joinchannel hh+ihm

3. Make sure you do not put a space between ‘join’ and ‘channel,’ and if everything was successful you should get a message that says you have entered chat channel ‘hh+ihm’ or some such. Take note of which userchat channel you entered under (1-4) as this will be the number you use to talk in said channel.

4. Type:  /1 or /2 or /3 or /4 (depending on which channel you entered) to talk in the channel. When you say something it should look something like:

[hh+ihm] Fennegar: Hail Montival! How is everyone today?

Tips for making your userchat channels more useful

I personally like to make all my chat channels a different color so that I can know which chat I am typing in and notice them more easily. To do this just right click on the General tab of your chat window and do Change Chat Colors or something like that. Go down to the channel you want to choose and assign it a new color.

You can also make custom chat tabs in your chat window if you wish. I personally assign a new tab just for ‘hh+ihm’ where I can click over and the only thing that is in it is alliance chat. I also make one designated tab for glff, lff, advice, regional, ooc, etc. so that my general tab isn’t cluttered with that mess, but I can still click over and see what is going on if I need to lff or am just bored…


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