Kinship Rules*


Generally we have few rules. But we do have a few guidelines for members in the kin:

1. Character Names: No silly names. This means things like: Juicyfruits, hump, Glop, Helenkeller, Truckerchoo, Hulkamaniac, Etc.  Generally we enforce this rule to make our kinship more mature and enjoyable for all involved. Since we like light Role-playing it really ruins the atmosphere to see Hump logging in and out and makes it hard for members to feel proud of a kinship with such names enrolled. We prefer lore-ish, fantasy type, or literary names. If you have a question about a possible name just ask. If you would like help coming up with a lore based Tolkien style name, again, just ask.

2. Be Respectful: This means in general, and in regards to asking for help. I realize that as we grow our numbers and level our characters that there are going to be things that are hard to get help with. Either people are busy, or working on a toon that is a different level, or just don’t have the time or energy to devote to helping sometimes. This is a game afterall, and someone shouldn’t be pressured into doing something they don’t enjoy just because it would be nice to have the help. You should never be disrespectful to someone in the kinship or otherwise that doesn’t wish to accompany you on a quest or instance. We advertise this kinship as a mature kin that caters to older casual players, many of whom can only play when their family permits them. It is unfair to degrade someone for spending their time the way they so chose. Our kinship is here to foster community and friendship between like-minded players and to create a first response group of players to team with. If you can’t find the players you need to help you on in the kin, then go to /lff, and then regional, and then /glff if you are desperate. If you still can’t get help just move onto something else until a later time. Plain and simple.

3. Be Mature: This falls in line with rule #2 but goes a little beyond. Once again, we advertise this kinship as a mature kinship, and we would like to keep it as such. Basically this refers to not behaving like a child, not spamming kinchat with unrelated nonsense, profanity, and/or irritating content. There are reasons that we all play this game instead of WoW. One of the main reasons is maturity level, please keep this standard in mind.

4. Player Notes: Please go to your kinship social panel and enter a player note on all your alternate characters with the name of your main character. This will help with confusion and learning who is who. It will also help our new players learn who everyone is. To do this the little |> above the Location column can be clicked and cycled through between Location, Join Date, and Player Note. To change this click the NOTE button at the bottom of the panel and edit this. You’ll have to do this on all your toons.

5. No begging: This refers to blatantly asking members for money over and over. If you need a quick loan from a friend that is one thing, but just out and saying “Hey can someone give me 500 silver for cooking?” Isn’t really acceptable. Asking if anyone can make you some gear every few levels is fine and more than okay, just make sure you are polite and courteous. Most members of the kin are more than happy to craft items for kinship members, just realize they might need you to get the materials if for some reason they don’t have them.

6. Kinhouse Chests/Storage: The kinhouse chests are there for everyone to use. Sort of a “give a penny take a penny” kind of deal. If there is something in them you can use, you are more than welcome to help yourself. Just remember that when you have extra items that someone might need, drop a few off here and there to help lower level players or crafters out.

7. Language: If for some reason you are offended by the language used by a kin member just make sure that they know it is offensive to you and ask them to refrain when grouping with you etc. For the most part we are all mature and don’t mind course language, but we do want to be respectful to all our members. So try to take it into consideration.


Our officers and I do not wish to have to boot any member of the kinship, but if certain rules are not followed and there are problems between kin members it will be up to our discresion to decide whether or not you are expelled. One warning will put you on probation. The next offense will be cause for expulsion if we so choose.

Thank you and if you have an issue that needs to be addressed please let an officer know. Safe Travels!


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