Legendary Items

What level can you first get a Legendary Item? Level 45. You go to the south easter town in Eregion which is called Echad Dunan. There, standing by an arch, you’ll find a dwarf who starts you on a chain of quests which lead you to get your legendary weapon and take you into Moria. You don’t have to be a premium or VIP player to do these quests. You should know however that you can’t add additional LIs (legendary items) to your pool any earlier than level 51, since officially you’re not supposed to be getting your LIs until you are level 50.

I am putting together a guide to help people understand more about legendary items and how to use/level them etc. This is mainly for people who are just getting started with legendaries, and meant as a primer. If you have any suggestions to add feel free, and if you have any questions that haven’t been addressed feel free to leave a comment.

A LOTRO Communtiy Guide – This has a list of weapon legacies by pool and class as well as almost all you might need to know about legendaries.

As a general rule you want to have 6 weapons(LIs) slotted and leveling at all times. Why you ask? So that you can level them up and deconstruct them at certain levels to gain extra relics and XP runes for use on your main weapons. Also, you need to only deconstruct your items on the 1s. Level 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, except for level 60/70 topped out weapons which are fine to deconstruct. Also make sure you unslot any relics you want to keep before the deconstruction because you won’t get these back now (you now have to buy a scroll from the Turbine store to do this). Also now when you deconstruct a LI at level 30 or higher you can draw a legacy off the item and onto a scroll which you’ll be able to overwrite onto a different LI of the same type. The legacy will have to be the same classification (major or minor), and it will always come off as a tier 2 legacy.

Remember Relics and Shards are hard to come by, be careful not to waste any opportunity to advance them.

Best Legacies to Look For?

I will have to let our officers help me out with some of these, since I don’t know all about the legacies from other classes, but I do know a few classes:

If the legacy is underlined then it is a MUST HAVE or the weapon isn’t worth keeping basically (of course there are exceptions to every rule).

Minstrel Legacies (IMO)

Healing Minstrel Book: Healing & Motivation Skills Morale HealingBolster Courage Healing,  Healing Skills Power Cost, Raise the Spirit, Inspire Fellows,

Healing Minstrel Weapon: Soliloquy of Spirit HoT, Threat from Healing,  Triumphant Spirit Cooldown,  Rally Cooldown,

Warspeech Minstrel Weapon: Piercing Cry Damage, Call to War Resist, Soliloquy of Spirit HoT, Call of Orome Damage, Call to Fate Crit Multiplier, Tier 1 Ballad Damage, Tier 2 Ballad Damage, (Ballad of War Damage is good for a book if you are running in a group with Melee classes such as burgs and champs).

Guardian Legacies that are most desirable:  Threat Up, Challenge Targets, Stamp Cooldown, Catch a Breath Morale Heal & Cooldown, Guardian’s Ward Duration, (not in correct order)

Lore-Master Legacies that are most desirable: Tactical Direct Damage, Fire Skills Crit Multiplier, Fire Skills Crit Rating, Target Resistance to Debuffs (All), For solo play many swear by Staff Strike Cooldown,

Burglar Legacies: the only one I know for sure off the top of my head is Addle Cooldown.

More to come on this topic soon!



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