Hoblites Recruiting

We are a rank 10 kinship of casual and mature players. We are on the smaller side, but trying to grow our numbers. If you are interested in joining a smaller kin where all the main players know each other well we are the kin for you.

We especially cater to parents as most of us are older players with children and understand if you have to pause during an instance to go get your kid off the top of the fridge or something.

We do prefer hobbits, but we accept all classes and races and levels. We have a teamspeak server that we use for voicechat most nights, but it is not required.

Or if this sounds like the kin for you, contact me in game at my current alt Kublathir or one of our officers Haldimir or Cromlord.

Thank you for your interest and feel free to ask any questions.

Fennegar, Chief of Hoblites

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Hoblites Hobnobbing

Populations have been down lately in Nimrodel as some of our most prominent members have taken breaks to explore new adventures in other realms. Rest assured most have vowed to return and take up the shield with us as brothers again. For those of us that are still around, we are cavorting in only the best of company.

As always feel free to give a shout if you need help with anything or have any concerns.

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Montival New Years Lottery

Entry Fees to be sent to Dannwulf (Fennegar’s Weaponsmith Alt)

Current lotteries: Entries accepted Jan 1st – Jan 8th. Drawings Held January 9th.

Lotto #1 – Gold$ – 1gp entry: 1st gets 75%, 2nd gets 20%, 3rd gets 5%.
Lotto #2 – Legendary Hunter’s Bow – lvl 60 2nd age -50sp Entry
Lotto #3 – Critted Suit of Heavy Armor – 100sp Entry
Lotto #4 – Critted Suit of Medium or Light Armor – 100sp Entry

Please one player entry per contest. Please put the contest you want to enter in the Subject line of the mail that contains the entry fee. Send a separate mail for each Lotto Entry.

And Remember to enter Montival chat for updates and winner announcements!

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The New Year Lotto!

To celebrate the new year and even more allies joined to the Montival Alliance we are kicking off another lottery. To start January 1st with entries being accepted through January 8th, and the drawings to be held on Sunday January 9th!

We will allow one entry per player in each lotto we do. So far lotteries will include: Gold$, Legendary Items, Crafted Items, and more!

Make sure to tell your kinship members to join the alliance chat to keep up to date on Montival happenings as well as lotteries and other events!

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Winter Happenings…

We have been adding some new recruits lately, so I just wanted to remind everyone that we have a Teamspeak voicechat channel that is operational and an alliance chat channel in game. To join either just check the instructions on their appropriate pages. Also remember to join up to the Montival chat channel and use it as much as possible to help find groups and promote the alliance’s worth.

Please try to welcome any new members you see online and help each other whenever possible. Remember if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

Safe travels friends!

Fennegar, Chief

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Montival Alliance Expansion

We are in the process of adding another kinship to our current alliance with The Bearkillers. Edlevenn is in the process of joining our chat channel and alliance. If you’d like to know more about them:

Akin to The Bearkillers in that they splintered off from the kinship Legends of Moria. Their name is Sindarin for “Exiled Ones.”

If you are curious where the Montival Alliance name originated: it is from a series of books that Artos and I both enjoy authored by SM Stirling. In the books Montival is the name given to a league of neighboring nations that forms an alliance under the leadership of a High-king and queen. All the nations retain their sovereignty but work together under the direction of the High-king (who, in the books, is named Artos Mackenzie).

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The Hoblites Conquer Mordirith, The Witch-King

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Montival: An Alliance with The Bearkillers

Hail Hoblites!

I wanted to announce a new alliance we formed with the kinship The Bearkillers. We have created a custom chat channel for both of our kins to interact in.

To join the channel you type:
/joinchannel Montival

To talk in the channel you type /3 or whichever userchat # it is assigned under.

This should help us to have more people to do fellowships with and instances. Hopefully we’ll be able to team with them for raids as well.

Thank you all, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

-Fennegar The Daring, Chief

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Instance Night?

We are trying to decide on a night to do instances and group content together. Since we are still a smallish kinship a little coordination might help us all get to do some of the group stuff we are missing out on. As of right now we are leaning towards Sunday evening/night. If you have any suggestions or think this would be a good time to group up, please chime in with a comment below. We do want everyone to have as much fun as possible, so please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions for improving things around here. 😀


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New Players

If you are a new player and need advice on which virtues and class traits to use, feel free to ask a higher level member of the kin (especially officers). Also make use of the links at the bottom of the page that have the lotro wiki and lorebook listed. These are invaluable assets to questing and doing deeds.

If you have alt characters that need to be added to the kin, just make sure they fit the naming requirements and let an officer know so they can invite them.

Promotion to kinsman will be made when officers feel like you are adjusted and contributing to the kinship spirit. When promoted from recruit to kinsman you will be granted access to the kinhouse storage chests to use in the manner stated in Kinship Rules.

Thank you for joining and I hope you enjoy your stay with the Hoblites!

-Fennegar The Daring, Chief

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