Many players are interested in raiding. What is raiding in LoTRO? Any organized instance run of 12 players or more basically. While most raids are level 60 and higher, there are a few that can be lower level (the Rift & Helegrod).

You should know that to become successful at raiding it takes a good deal of commitment since there is a lot of trial and error. It is very easy for a weak link to cause the rest of the raid group to wipe. For these reasons we ask that if you are interested in raiding please do your best to gear up your characters and have most of their relevantly equipped virtues rank 8 or higher. Be willing to take heed of what the raid leader says if there are any class traits or virtues you need to swap out before hand. Don’t take these suggestions as a personal affront, but as something that is being asked that might potentially impact the success of the raid group.

Do the Hobbiton Hoblites Raid?

This is something I get asked quite frequently by prospective recruits. The answer is yes and no. We have tried raids on occasion, and would like to have a weekly scheduled raid night. As of right now we haven’t had the player surplus and or commitment that we need for an ironclad weekly raid night. We are striving towards that goal, and hope to be there soon. We welcome you to become a part of forming a quality raid group from the beginning.

Our tentative Raid night is set on Sunday afternoon/evening. From now on if you are interested in doing a raid please do your best to be online at 7pm central time. We will determine if we have enough on to try a raid, and if not split up and do some 3 and 6 man instances.

When we do raid, who are our Raid leaders?

Depending on days and times these members will be regarded as our raid leaders (In that order, and subject to change): Tyrandothir, Roknar, Cromlord, Keaten, or Fennegar.

Do you have to be in HH to go on our raids?  We require you have at least one character in the kinship if you want to participate in our raids; it doesn’t have to be the character you bring on the raid, just a member of the kinship.


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